HCEWALLET SRC Mobile Payments and EMV Tokenisation app

Card issuers, merchants, wallet providers and payment processors/gateways can become our Client and integrate HCEWALLET app into their our mobile wallets to offer their consumers’ secure and simple Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) mobile payments, cards EMV tokenisation, UPI payments, Ecash and Crypto-currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and loyalty programs.

With HCEWALLET App, consumers tokenise payment cards such that primary card numbers (PAN) are never stored on mobile devices. When consumers pay with these network or device EMV Tokens, actual card numbers are not shared with merchants and critical card data is never exposed over the Internet.

We support EMV Tokens based payments that support 3D Secure Version 2 secure remote commerce (SRC).

HCEWALLET and SWIM apps provision unique Public Key Digital Identities to consumers to secure card and other critical account data (such as crypto-currency private keys) as well as enable digital signature proof-of-purchase.