“The mobile phone has become the device through which everyday consumer payments are made. It has become the personal digital wallet, containing ecash, bank accounts, digital credit/debit and loyalty cards, which replace or at least complement physical cash, cards and coupons,” Dr Chandra Patni, CEO HCE Service.

HCEWALLET app provides secure payment methods that are accessible only to owner of the payment card. It performs user identity checks before enabling online and mobile payments and these identity checks use PKI (public key cryptography) to perform strong customer authentication (SCA) which meet government regulatory mandates; e.g. PSD2 in EU and RBI in India.

Card issuers, merchants, wallet providers and payment aggregators can white-label HCEWALLET app as their our wallet app to enable Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) and NFC mobile payments, EMV tokenisation, UPI payments, Ecash and Cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and loyalty programs.


HCEWALLET features:

  • SWIM Identities issued to consumer prevents attackers stealing payment card details.
  • Couponing, gift cards and loyalty vouchers
  • online mobile payments (such as p2p ecash transfer)
  • Tap mobile phone at contactless POS to perform PayPass, RuPay, and payWave HCE tokenised payments
  • Secure remote commerce (SRC) standards based online payments (3D Secure Version 2 and EMV SRC  standards.

Mobiles are enjoying increased popularity among both the tech-savvy and the new Millennium generations, alike!