All our Client’s end Users’ payments accounts securely provisioned via one OEM HCEWALLET app…

HCEWALLET OEM mobile wallet app for mobile payments and tokenization

‘Cards’- Digital Card Tokens ( Visa, Mastercard, RuPay)

‘UPI’- Person-to-Person Bank Accounts transfers

‘Ecash’- Proprietary digital currency and loyalty cards


HCEWALLET Mobile Payments and Tokenization with Loyalty app

Banks, merchants, wallet providers and payment processors/gateways integrate HCEWALLET app into their our mobile wallets to offer their consumers’ secure and simple mobile payments, cards tokenization and loyalty programs.

With HCEWALLET App, consumers tokenize payment cards such that primary card numbers (PAN) are never stored on mobile devices. When consumers pay with these tokens, actual card numbers are not shared with merchants and critical card data is never exposed over the Internet.

HCEWALLET and SWIM apps provision unique Public Key Digital Identities to consumers to secure card and other critical payment data as well as enable digital signature proof-of-purchase.


Software Wireless Digital Identity

To avoid theft, scams, and any other loss of funds, we deliver these three security principles to our Clients to also:

Generate unique public key pairs per device for consumers in secure trusted whitebox environment providing PKI-2FA(Public Key Infrastructure based 2-Factor strong Authentication).

Create backups of your private keys in a security evaluated key management architecture validated by International PCI and Card Networks recommended Security Evaluation Labs.

Encrypt all critical data in wallets and provide additional end-to-end mobile to host data confidentiality and non-repudiation.

This helps prevent the physical theft of consumer funds in the event that mobile device is stolen. This also meets PSD2 (EU) and RBI (India) security regulations for remote payments.


HCEWALLET Mobile App has been certified with Visa and Mastercard in Q3 2018 enabling our Clients (card issuers, wallet provider, merchants and payment gateways) to effortlessly integrate mobile payments and card tokenization.


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