Pre-Register for your free Mobile POS device Offer:

  1. Download IPOS WALLET from Google Play Store

  2. Receive GBP 25.00 Ecash gift when you self-register in your IPOS WALLET app

  3. Use your Ecash to buy your IPOS bric card reader for only GBP19.00!

IPOS WALLET is going live 16th November 2020!

Mobile devices have now become everyday consumer point-of-sales for micro-, small- and medium-size enterprises!

IPOS bric device

We will deliver your IPOS bric payment card reader product order once we have received FCA API regulatory approval expected in early November.

We are awaiting UK FCA regulatory approval as an Authorised Payment Institution. As a future potential merchant we request you to register by downloading IPOS WALLET app from Google Play Store. We will be publishing our IPOS WALLET apps soon end August 2020.

Sign-up in September, October and early November for your business to accept card payments in minutes on your own smartphones and tablets! Ready for your Pre-Christmas Bazaar!

Equip every staff member with IPOS WALLET app on their own smartphones and share your IPOS bric card reader between them making full use of your card reader!

IPOS WALLET also provides instant Ecash merchant settlement accounts.

Encourage loyalty from your regular customers to pay by credit, debit, Ecash and gift cards replacing physical cash handling.

IPOS WALLET performs  merchants and consumers identity checks before enabling physical, online and mobile payments.

These identity checks use  strong customer authentication (SCA) which meets FCA PSD2 regulations.